Confidence, Words & Finding Your Voice

I might be a little biased but I believe the right words give you confidence.

Whether you're speaking to a roomful of actual people.
Or you're going live on Facebook.
Or you're inviting everyone back to your website.

The right words allow you to share what you're thinking & creating with confidence & enthusiasm.

Not the kind of enthusiasm that makes you sound like a used car salesman or an infomercial or a telemarketing guy...

But genuine excitement.

Because sometimes it isn't easy to be an entrepreneur.  It isn't easy to constantly create & serve.  To constantly grow & evolve.  And you won't always feel confident or enthusiastic about everything you're doing.  That's life.

And that's exactly why you need bold, confident words to remind you why you started this & why you keep going.

Why every day you continue to choose your own path.  Why you wake up & choose to build & create rather than simply punch a clock.  Why every day you trust yourself & the universe more & more.  And with every new bend in the road, every new personal Everest you climb, every new client you help - your story evolves.

As your story evolves I dare you to tell it ever more boldly.

This is what it means to find your authentic voice.
To feel the confidence of the words beneath you.
To bravely embrace the evolution of your voice.
This is what it means to be an entrepreneur.