My Christmas Wishes For You - 2019

I've been writing these wishes for 3 years now and it's becoming one of my favourite traditions. <3

May you know your infinite potential and your innate worth. You are enough, just as you are.

May you hold in your heart the paradox of being perfect and always a work in progress. Expansion is the point AND there's nothing to fix.

May you feel the conviction of your beliefs fuel your words and actions.

May your voice be heard around the world. Clearly articulating the message of your soul without fear or doubt. May you feel the power of your words and may they reach the hearts of those who need to hear them most.

May you have opportunities to grow and evolve with grace and mercy. And may you recognize them when they show up.

May you and the ones you love have the healthiest year yet.

May you realize that strength doesn't have to be hard. Soft AND strong.

May you face and make peace with your fears so that you can pursue your dreams with joy and certainty.

May you reconnect with your wild, unrestrained nature and the wisdom she holds.

May you find the connections that nurture you and fuel your spirit in every areas of your life.

May you know the creator you are.

May you laugh until you cry - like, at least once a week.

May you cultivate unconditional acceptance for yourself. It will be easier to accept others that way.

May you find clients who are eager to work with you, willing to pay your worth and love what you've created. And may you attract them with ease.

May you love yourself a little more every day.

May you let go of self-doubt and recognize it is safe to be seen. And safe for your voice to be heard.

May you have the courage to be vulnerable with the right people.

May you define your own version of hustle. And success. Be stubborn about your goals and let go of the outcomes.

May peace take up residence in your heart. And may you know deep in your bones that everything will be okay - even when it doesn't appear that way. Especially then.

May you find the time for stargazing, long baths, good books, kitchen dance parties and all the things that fuel your soul.

May your vision be clear, fill your heart with passionate purpose and may each step to achieve it reveal itself at the perfect moment.

And may 2019 be your Best. Year. Yet.