My Christmas Wish For You - 2018

May your voice be heard around the world.  Clearly articulating the message of YOUR soul without fear or doubt.  May you feel the power of your words and may they reach the hearts of those who need to hear them most.

May your vision be clear, fill your heart with passion and may each step to achieve it reveal itself at the perfect moment.

May you know the support and generosity of true friendship.  Of community and kindred spirits for whom distance doesn't matter.

May joy visit you every day.  And take up residence.  The deep joy that sings from the marrow of your bones when you've found your purpose.  When you feel connected to yourself, your work, others and the Universe.

May you make time for gazing at stars, marvelling at sunsets and daydreaming - lots of daydreaming.

May you never stop questioning, never stop following the threads of curiosity down unexpected and winding paths.

May you be of service without EVER becoming a martyr again.

May you laugh until you cry.  And your sides ache with good medicine.

May you have new adventures, the kind that are worth writing home about.  

May you find opportunities to grow.  Even if it's hard.  Expansion, after all, is the whole point.

May you know peace.  And remember with every inhalation your divinity.

May you know your worth.

May you KNOW the value you provide & confidently ask for the sale.  Every time.  May abundance chase you down & overflow into every area of your life.

May you love yourself unconditionally.

May you demonstrate your love for others without feeling the need to buy something.

May you find time for long baths (bubbles optional), candlelight, cuddles, good books and good wine.

May you build a life devoted to everything you love.  Filled with the people, places, experiences and things that define you and make it all worthwhile.

Merry Christmas!  See you in 2018.