Champagne, Ugly-Crying & Unf*ckwithable Girlfriends

Everyone wants the joy, the triumph, the champagne successes that are easy to share on social media.


But if you've been an entrepreneur for more than 1/2 a minute you know that there's a mountain of self-doubt, strings of curse words (that would make even a sailor blush) & plenty of ugly crying into your glass of wine/box of kleenex/cup of tea that fill many of the moments without a hashtag or selfie.

And where in all of the world wide web do you go to talk about it ALL??

Your therapist? Definitely, you're paying them to listen after all.
Your family? Ha! Results will vary highly depending on your individual family.
Your spouse? He/she can probably only take so much - let's face it.
Your friends?  If they're entrepreneurs - go for it.  If not?  They probably wonder why the only thing you ever talk about is your mother-loving business.

Whether you're juggling a day job + side hustle, freelancing & counting every penny or finally making NEED a place to talk it out.

The business stuff.
The life stuff.
The champagne successes.
And perhaps most importantly? A safe place to go #maskoff & say what you REALLY think.  Lay all your insecurities out there (so much less scary when you get them out of your head you guys).  A place to be pissed off, scared, unsure, vulnerable, joyful, happy dance, and a real human being not trying to be witty or charming or hash-tag-worthy.

There's a place on the internet that is my go-to place for this.  I've been a member since day 1.  And holy hell you guys, the level of support in this group - it brings me to tears but in the best way.

They are some of the most amazing, beautiful, unf*ckwithable women (&men) I've ever had the privilege of chatting with.

And telling you about them?  Feels a little bit like I'm sharing my best-kept-sacred-secret.  This is my sisterhood.  My space of belonging.  And I know without a shadow of a doubt that if you're still looking for that space?  You'll be welcomed with open arms, genuine warmth & probably a few gifs.

I'm telling you NOW because Ash Ambirge (our fearless leader) has a promotion where you get to try the first month for $1.


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Unf*ckwithable Girlfriends (UFGs for short) have a special #HeyGirlHey column every Friday where one of the girlfriends steps up to teach us something she knows.  I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to share all this amazing boss knowledge with you!  The best thing I can do?  Is invite you in to find out for yourself.

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And guys, don't let the name fool you, there are a few Unf*ckwithable guy friends in our group & you're definitely welcome too!


Come check it out & let the unf*ckwithableness rub off. ;)

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Full disclosure, I'm an affiliate for Ash Ambirge.  This means if you decide to join you'll be supporting my chai latté while writing ritual. ;)

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