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Feeling Accomplished When You Didn't Actually Accomplish Much

I just completed one of those super productive days. You know the ones where you tick off more things on your list than you ever thought possible. Those rare days where you make significant progress on several projects.

Where you pat yourself on the back. Walk with that “I got this” stride and feel...accomplished.

I love these days.

I feel good about myself on these days. I can trick myself into believing even for just a moment that I’ve got my sh*t together.

Here’s the thing...

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Failure, Invisible Boxes & Creativity

We’ve all heard that failure is a teacher. And while it’s TRUE it’s also super f*cking annoying.

I guess, I get frustrated with the number of times I have to do something to see what it was meant to be all along (and I’m not just talking about the Ikea bed frame that took 3+ hours to build).

Plan A goes off with mediocre success. You learn. You revamp, revise and reimagine what you’ve created and get SO f*cking excited about Plan B.

But then Plan B get crickets.

So you FINALLY start to colour outside the lines and discover what you should’ve done all along.

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