Bumper Stickers & Brand Voice

Yesterday, I pulled up behind a car covered in bumper stickers. The automotive equivalent of wearing your heart on your sleeve.

It had…

  • 2 stickers about stopping for turtles (so the environment and animal welfare are important to them)

  • 1 anti-Monsanto sticker (further proof of environmentalism, they’re probably into whole, organic food, which I write while shovelling handfuls of Skittles into my mouth).

  • And a couple of stickers from places they’d been (so travel is also a high priority).

In 67 seconds I had a pretty clear picture of their worldview. Their motivations. What they cared about. All thanks to a few bumper stickers.

These folks are probably the kind of people who only consider it camping if there’s no cell service. And they bring organic, vegan quinoa salad to serve with their local, craft beer.

Modern hippies. I love it. I love their conviction. I love their completely unapologetic and visible declaration of who they are.

In contrast, most cars don’t have a single, stickered statement…just like most websites that also fail to make a statement.

We NEED you to tell us what you believe. Where you stand. What matters to you.

When it’s missing or not immediately obvious we tend not to notice you. Your website is no more memorable than dozens of others we’ve visited just like it.

However, if we can recognize shared values at a glance? We’ll be drawn in. Eager to dig deeper. We’ll want to get to know you better.

We love to do business with people who are like us. We want to be able to see ourselves reflected back to us.

So put your beliefs on display. Be the car covered in bumper stickers. Vulnerable, visable…and utterly unapologetic.