Letting Go to Find Fresh Energy + A Big Announcement

Do you ever get that feeling when you look at your business and your offerings and you start to feel sluggish?  The enthusiasm fades, and you're left wondering things like. . .

How can I shift the energy?
How can I get excited about this again?
Is it time to move on?
Create something new?
Or find value in what's already there, with a twist?

Well, after giving my website and current offerings much side-eye + deep thought, I'm here to announce that I'm retiring 4 of my current services.

Let me tell you, once I made the decision to simplify and let go. . .I felt lighter, happier and energized again.

Copy & Soul (my retainer program) has been retired effective immediately.

However, if you've been sitting on the fence, about the other soon-to-disappear services I'm making August a LAST CALL before they're officially retired Sept 1st, 2018.

90 Min Clarity Call -> Self-explanatory really but if you want to know if you're really ready to hire a copywriter we can chat.

Validate Your Heart -> a landing page + written elevator pitch to get your idea off the ground.

Brand by Heart -> the big one -> the entire website + freebie funnel.

What stays. . .

Copy CPR - you've written something but need help finessing it - we'll work through it together.

Brand Essence - your archetypes explained plus a written-for-you brand essence statement and 5 ways for you to use it.

Deeper Than Words - the copywriting course currently under revision. 

In September I'll announce ONE new package giving me a grand total of 4 services...so stay tuned.

Deep breath.

After so much time experimenting and expanding services it feels REALLY good to simplify.  And once I gave myself permission to let go the decisions were effortless.  I wrote down what I wanted and it felt SO GOOD!!!

So, if you've been thinking of shaking things up in your business but you've been clinging to the familiar services, old offerings and holding yourself back...consider this your nudge to follow the whisper.

Let it go.

Be bold.

You don't have to throw out everything, just find the things that are draining your energy and the things that light you up - then. . .follow the light!