I’ve spent this week saying aloud all the unexpected ways that entrepreneurship has been a journey of personal growth.

There’s ONE more I have to acknowledge…


I always felt a little bit like a black sheep growing up. (you too?)

My dreams were too big.
My ambitions too ambitious.
My creativity labelled a liability.
My emotions, sensitivity and craving for depth…too intense. Too weird.

So I did what any teen would do.

I dimmed my light.

I said/did/dressed the way I had to in order to fit in.

I hid. And kept my dreams to myself.

Hiding became a habit.

Everywhere I looked didn’t see anyone like me…until I started Heartlines.

Until I found fellow entrepreneurs - clients and colleagues in groups and courses.

They had big dreams too. And bigger ambitions. They were learning, like me, to reveal themselves and OWN who they are.

I was no longer that weird black sheep that never fit in anywhere.

Too all the woman who have a worked with me, shown up for me, supported me and my wild dreams over the years…

thank you.

You inspire more than I can express. You’ve taught me that we rise together, that competition is an illusion and that chasing big dreams is worth it. Fucking hard but worth it.

Thank you.