Behind the Name Heartlines

Even after 4 years now it still amazes me how a business name that I agonized over for MONTHS has turned out to be so perfect.

It was inspired from a Florence + the Machine song by the same name and the line that says  “Just keep following the heartlines on your hand, ‘cause I am.”

I’ve always tended to overanalyze and overcomplicate just about anything and everything.  I mean, if I can possibly find a way to make my life more complicated…somehow I manage to do it.  As a kid, I was known for my intellect and it’s SO easy for me to get stuck in my head.  To retreat to the safety of my brain.

But following my heart…listening to my intuition?  That was strange magic.  Powerful and uncomfortable and yet whenever I did I always landed in a better place.

So Heartlines is not only a declaration of putting your heart into every line of your copy but also a personal reminder for me (and for you, if you need it) to follow your heart.  It’s okay.

Over the years I learned again and again (‘cause I’m a little stubborn like that) there is no right or wrong answer.  Only the right answer for YOU.  Basing your choices on what others have chosen for themselves will never work out as well as you hope it will.  That it’s a crime to allow anyone else’s values to creep in or allow anyone else to dictate what holds meaning.

It can feel absolutely terrifying to “go your own waaaay” (sing along with me) especially if, like me, you tend to overanalyze and like to have steps to follow or some kind of blueprint.

But your heart is the best guide you’ve got.  

Even if it means giving up on the plans you thought had already been decided in favour of what moves you now.

It’s okay not to know all the steps forward, to have some grand vision or to have it all figured out (I mean, no one really has it all figured out).

Trust your heart.  Follow your instinct and intuition.  Be still and quiet enough to actually listen.  Trust isn’t easy.  Trust is especially difficult for someone used to having the answers (raises hand), used to being in control (except you know control is just an illusion, right?) the darkness before your next creative vision, before you figure out your next move, before you learn the next bit you need to know can feel infinite, vast, full of doubts and plagued with fear.

Witness the emotions that come up.  Allow them to move through your body.  Be gentle and compassionate with yourself (still learning this one).  The darkness of not-knowing doesn’t last forever.  I promise.

And always always hold tight to YOUR values, follow what has meaning for YOU and of course…follow the heartlines on your hand.