Batching. . .Good for More Than Just Meal Planning.

My food planning tends to look like this…
It’s 5:30 PM and I turn to my kids and say, “Sooooo what do you guys want for dinner?”  Then we forage in the kitchen until someone declares, “Pasta.” (gluten-free but they don’t know that)

But when it comes to writing for my biz…I’m a little more organized.


Because you lose 20% of your time every time your brain has to change gears from one task to the next.  It’s called context switching and it’s probably eating your productivity.

Let’s say I schedule 5 things to do during my workday…

1 hour for client work
1 hour for blogging (-20% = 12 minutes lost)
1 hour for social media (another -12 min lost)
1 hour for creating a new digital product (another -12 min lost)
1 hour for responding to emails and following up with leads ( another -12 min lost)

I worked for 5 hours but I lost 48 min just because my brain was switching gears!  So I really only got in 4 hours of work.

Enter batching. Your new productivity-saving friend.

Pick 1 day and write out the next 4 blog posts
Pick 1 day to write/design/schedule the next 2 - 3 weeks of social media
Pick 1 day for nothing but client work (this never happens for me but if you can do it, I think it’s a fabulous idea)
Pick 1 day to create the next 2 digital products for your shop.
Pick 1 day to record the next 3 podcast episodes

Whatever feels like a reasonable amount for you.

Not everything in business can be batched but it DOES apply to your writing.

Give it a try.  Get more done.  And spend less time switching gears.