Fast or Slow, High or Low: An Exercise in Positioning Your Brand

Positioning is everything.

Raise your hand if you’ve heard the marketing gurus talk about “positioning” your brand and rushed to Google that mo’ fo’? Then surreptitiously fallen into a trance reading one boring, jargon-filled marketing article after another?

When I was first starting out my brand positioning was mostly unconscious. I thought it was essentially the same as picking a niche (something else I resisted FOREVAH). I ended up just kinda landing where I landed…unsure if that’s where I wanted (or needed) to be. My positioning was done by default and intuition instead of consciously with intention.

WFT is positioning?

It’s your client’s perception of your business (how they see you, how they feel about you, how they characterize your biz) compared to other companies in your industry. Positioning = perception.

It’s about planting a flag in the marketplace and deciding where you stand. Does that mean you have to find a space that no one else occupies? Hell no! That’s nigh impossible these days. It DOES mean you need to be aware of your choices and choose with intention. You can’t afford to position yourself unconsciously.

People will always generate perceptions about you and your brand but you can guide, nudge and gently steer those perceptions with everything from your logo, your colours, your designs, your social media and *cue drumroll * your words.

Positioning Exercise

STEP 1. Choose the dimensions that are most important for you + your clients

STEP 2. Create a matrix and decide where you stand.

STEP 3. Check out the other businesses in your industry and figure out where they go on your matrix

STEP 4. Choose messaging that’s different, fresh, original compared to the other businesses in your matrix. Be intentional about where you fit in (and where you don’t). Make sure your clients know where you stand and why it’s good news for them.


Here are examples of different dimensions you could position yourself on. There are countless others, these are just meant to get you thinking.

  • faster or slower

  • cheaper or more expensive

  • serving experts or novices

  • innovator or tried and true

  • 1:1 or 1: many

  • disruptor or work within the system

  • bespoke or mass produced


Create a Matrix and plot where you stand.

Maybe you’re a florist…


Or maybe you’re a web designer…

Positioning Matrix 2


Now figure out where other businesses (competitors or those who inspire you) fit in your matrix & plunk ‘em in there.

Sooooo our florist could look like this…

Positioning Matrix 3

And our web designer could look like this…

Positioning Matrix 3


Presentation. Once you’ve decided where you stand your next job becomes telling the RIGHT story. Hint: it’s all about framing the choices you’ve made so that your ideal audience says, “Yes!”

Faster = we know you’re busy so we won’t make you wait

Slower = we take the time to do it right. Quality is our middle name.

Inexpensive = we want to reach more hearts & start a revolution….change the world. Because everyone deserves (x).

Expensive = we serve a few to the max.

Serving Experts = we’re the ones industry leaders call for help.

Serving Novices = we’re devoted to giving you the best start.

Innovator = cutting edge, we set the trends.

Tried & True = you know exactly what you get when you choose us.

The story you tell is HOW you position your brand. So, choose where you stand and then decide how to present and highlight those choices so that your clients see you’re a perfect fit. After all, you’re solving their problem this way for a reason - let them in on it.

Positioning is perception and presentation.

(apparently today’s article is brought to you by the letter P).