5 Easy Steps To Speaking The Language of Your Customer's Hearts

Nelson Mandela quote

What does that mean?  More specifically what does it mean for your business?  How do you talk to your clients in their language?

1.  Stop trying to sound like a smarty pants.

Trying to sound ultra-professional will leave you feeling like a faceless, robotic company in the minds of your customer.  You can be an authority on your subject area, niche or industry and still do it with humor and warmth.  And you can still sound professional and polished and human, it's all about striking the right balance.

2.  Ditch the industry jargon.

I wrote an entire post on this so I won't rehash everything I've already said.  You can read it here.  But jargon alienates customers.  Pushing them farther away from the buy button.  Dial down the multi-syllabic soliloquies (guess how many times I had to type that to get it right) and make it sound personal and HUMAN.

3.  Meet your customer where they are in their lives RIGHT NOW.

Show them through your warm, human, relatable words that you understand their lives.  You used to struggle with the same things or still do.  That you wake up just as bleary-eyed as they do cursing the damn alarm clock.  But you haul ass out of bed for all the same reasons: bills to pay, passion for the work you do, because staying in bed all day would be boring.

Or you know the inexpressible joy and sweetness of holding a new baby for the first time.  Only a few hours old.  The indescribable swell of emotions that fill your chest and manage to leak out your eyes as the enormity of this tiny life entering this big world quite literally takes your breath away.

Create a shared moment.  Just make sure you're sharing THEIR moment.

4.  Show them you see where they're headed.

Now that you've established you're a human who understands where their life is in this moment, show  your customers you share their vision for their future selves.  The person they aspire to be.  You know if we only had more time, or more energy or more money or more knowledge (those are the big 4 aren't they?).  Maybe your customer sees himself as a leader in his company with a promotion, a better car and a posh apartment.  How will you help him get there?  How are you part of that vision?

Or maybe your customer sees herself as the yoga-pant-wearing, organic-raw-food-eating, type that meditates daily and lives a centered, authentic existence that most of us only dream of.  Again, how will you help her achieve this vision?  Make it concrete. Make it real.

5.  Get Specific.

If you want people to feel truly understood get specific.  Dig into the finely laced web of details that show what their lives are like.  Be hyper-specific about the vision of the person you will help them become.  Take any lofty ideals or intangible concepts and make them real and relatable by getting specific about the details of what it looks like, what it feels like, what it sounds like, what it smells like, what it tastes like.  Don't forget to be specific about the details of what you're offering as well.

If you do these 5 things:

1. Stop trying to sound like a smarty pants
2. Ditch the industry jargon.
3.  Meet your customer where they're at
4.  Show them you understand where they're headed
5.  And get ultra specific

You'll be well on your way to speaking your customer's language.  And when you learn to speak their language your message goes straight to their heart.