The 2 Pages No One EVER Talks About

There's 1 thing that I remember from my years working at Canada's 3rd largest financial institution - CYOB.  Whenever it was up to me to make a judgement call on a transaction within my limit my manager would remind me to CYOB.

That's a lesson I've carried with me ever since.

In case you're not familiar with the acronym, CYOB stands for "cover your own butt".  It means do your due diligence & when you've done that, use your intuition.  At least that's what it always came down to for me.

But let's talk about covering your butt when you operate an online biz & the 2 pages you absolutely NEED to have that no one ever talks about.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not a lawyer.  This blog post isn't meant to substitute for legal advice, which you should absolutely seek.  And these pages & how you set them up will depend on the type of biz you have, so, as with most things, one size does not fit all.

Your Privacy Policy

I've seen everything from super simple one-liners like "we hate spam & promise not to sell your deets" to privacy policies SO detailed & lengthy no one in their right mind will ever read all of it.

Your privacy policy outlines what people are consenting to when they visit your site.  It talks about how you use their personal information from buying one of your products or services to entering a comment on your blog to opting into a freebie to clicking an outside link. What you're responsible for & what they're responsible for.  Security measures you've taken to protect them like "https" etc can also be covered here.

For the most part, this is a no-nonsense page with more legalese than personality but you know, this is me, so I've included a little intro. to my privacy policy page before we get down to business that's a little fun & cheeky.  It goes like this, "The page where we put on our best pin-stripe suits, our highest heels & our most no-nonsense authoritative voice to go over all the legal stuff that covers our butt & ensures a great experience for you."  Then I do just that - get down to business.

Oh, the pin-stripe suits I used to wear. lol

What kind of privacy policy do you have?  Is it a one-liner?  Or something that'll cover your butt like a great pair of Spanx?

The second oh so necessary page that no one talks about is your terms & conditions page.  Yep, not that sexy but super important.

Your Terms & Conditions Page

I recently had a discussion with one of my mastermind groups about payments.  There was a biz woman who had submitted an invoice to a client & weeks later still hadn't been paid.  We've all been there, am I right?  And this sparked a discussion around invoicing & most of all, setting expectations from the beginning.

I asked if her payment policy had been clearly set out in her contract or the terms & conditions of working with her.  And she confessed she didn't have any terms & conditions.  She was worried that setting expectations like that would make her seem like a diva.

Whoa now!

First, you are the professional.  You are NOT being a diva.  You're taking the lead & showing your client this is how things work around here.  It actually makes your clients feel like they're in good hands when you're clear, confident & communicate your role & their role.  AND it prevents so many misunderstandings, false assumptions & miscommunication.  Everything just runs more smoothly.  When you're confident & take the lead your client will feel confident they hired you.

Also, terms & conditions cover so much more than payment expectations, which may vary if you offer different types of packages.  But it's about making your client feel secure in choosing you while also covering your butt.  You can address things like deadlines (and what happens if they get missed), refunds, satisfaction, errors, the number of revisions, all of those things can go in here.

For me, I used a little more leeway regarding phrasing & personality on the terms & conditions page.  It's part of the decision to work with me (or not) so it's important to me that, while it's clear it still sounds like me & makes my clients feel like they're in good hands & made the right choice.  Something with the same degree of legalese as the Privacy Policy wouldn't give that feeling.  Of course, I prefaced the page with another cheeky little intro again. ;)

These pages may not be sexy, they may not capture leads or make your sale but they're essential to communicating expectations to your clients & making them feel taken care of & of course, they're essential to covering your butt in business.

Do you love your terms & conditions & privacy policy pages?  When was the last time you looked at them?  Do you feel like you're doing a good job setting expectations & covering your butt in biz?  Tell me all about it in the comments.