Champagne, Ugly-Crying & Unf*ckwithable Girlfriends

Everyone wants the joy, the triumph, the champagne successes that are easy to share on social media.


But if you've been an entrepreneur for more than 1/2 a minute you know that there's a mountain of self-doubt, strings of curse words (that would make even a sailor blush) & plenty of ugly crying into your glass of wine/box of kleenex/cup of tea that fill many of the moments without a hashtag or selfie.

And where in all of the world wide web do you go to talk about it ALL??

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Entrepreneurship Will Challenge All Your Beliefs

Entrepreneurship has challenged every belief I've ever had - about myself, my life, the world & the way things work.  It's given me the opportunity to critically examine what I thought about work, money, relationships, control, time, productivity, self-doubt, literally all the things.

It's shown me I have far greater power than I EVER realised.  Not only to shape my business & the work that I do.  But the way I structure my day.  The people I surround myself with. And the way I respond to life (clearly that last one is still a work in progress).

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Self-Expression Isn't An Excuse to Spread Hate

Let me begin by saying I'm not an expert on social justice or politics.  I'm a writer, a copywriter & a brand strategist.  I'm not a US citizen.  And these words will not be perfectly executed but they will be heartfelt.  None of those limitations is reason enough to stay silent.  Here's why...

I have said many times on this blog that I believe in self-expression.  That I believe in finding & using your voice to show the world what you stand for.  That I believe in marketing from your values & using them to start a movement & a battle cry.  I do believe those things.


Self-expression & freedom of speech in the name of spreading hatred, violence, racism, bigotry, prejudice & homophobia is NEVER okay.

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Confidence, Words & Finding Your Voice

I might be a little biased but I believe the right words give you confidence.

Whether you're speaking to a roomful of actual people.
Or you're going live on Facebook.
Or you're inviting everyone back to your website.

The right words allow you to share what you're thinking & creating with confidence & enthusiasm.

Not the kind of enthusiasm that makes you sound like a used car salesman or an infomercial or a telemarketing guy...

But genuine excitement.

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Summer Rhythms & The Freedom of Flexibility

Summer always has its own rhythm.

It's kids out of school.
Winding road trips.
And beaches that beckon.

It's long days that stretch into sunsets & bonfires.
Good books & good chai under the shade of a silver maple.
Walking every trail you can find just to be in nature.

With the outdoors begging for barefoot adventures & iced lemonade calling from the side of the pool it can feel down right oppressive to be stuck inside staring at your computer screen.

Aside from moving your home office to your patio (something I do every chance I get) or grabbing pen + gorgeous stationery to strategize, dream & write on picnic blankets beneath shade trees, the question becomes: how can your business be flexible enough to accommodate seasonal schedules?

Even if you're not rocking the digital nomad life & your roots run deep.  And even if you've got small children who thrive on routine.

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