How Can I Sound Relatable AND Like an Expert?

Other versions of this super common question that I hear from entrepreneurs is. . .

"How can I sound professional AND fun?"


"How can I write in a way that sounds casual, conversational and totally like me AND still be taken seriously?"

I get it.  Most of us come from a world of work or academia where they brainwash the personality out of your writing style and replace it with something resembling a jargon-mouthed corporate robot.

That or you've got a bad case of mommy brain and if it isn't a simple, directive sentence a toddler would understand - you've got nothing.

I've been the robot.  And I've had mommy brain more than once.

Here are my best tips and tricks for achieving the right tone.  Because tone is what we're talking about here and it could be light, playful, funny, serious, sarcastic, intimate, fiery or so many more.

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Permission NOT to be The Guru All The Damn Time

Somewhere along the way Zuckerberg or another expert, I'm not really sure who, decided it was bad for us to share other people's content on our business Facebook pages.  Thus ushering in the era of feeling ALL the pressure to come up with 7 original, witty, compelling, commentable (new word, not to be confused with commendable) things to post every week - 365 days a year.

Original opinions only, please.

Tell us all the things you know.  Sprinkle in a few beautifully crafted quotes you whipped up in Canva.  Add some videos & Facebook lives to keep it fresh.  Maybe the occasional gif to keep us laughing.

It became the "you" show.  All day, every day.  And I think this mentality is spilling over into every area of our business.  (No wonder narcissism is on the rise)

And it feels. . .overwhelming and EXHAUSTING.

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What Story Should Your Brand Be Telling?

Great marketing & great copywriting is about telling great stories.  Stories that draw people in, make 'em feel something and...inspire them to act.  That, in a nutshell, is everything we're trying to achieve.

But you can't bust out the good ole' "once upon a time" refrain.  And you might be looking at your brand archetypes still clueless as to which story you should be telling.

What's the most compelling narrative for your brand?  And how can archetypes help you figure it out?

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What if?

Those two little words can send us into spirals of self-doubt & fear, resistance & procrastination, and. . . hesitation.  We give those two little words so much power over our sanity & stress levels.

I think we can take those words & use them to flip the script.  To make "what if" full of optimism, possibility & hope.

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After Goals...

Comes the high of completion.
The joy of celebration.

And the space that opens up when you ask, "What happens next?"

That space is gorgeous & also a little bit unnerving.  Especially after you've been working towards that goal for sooooo long.

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Permission NOT to #hustle

I'm taking a break from all the copywriting wisdom I've been sending the last couple of weeks to say...

One of the biggest personal mindf*cks about being in business is giving myself permission NOT to #hustle #riseandgrind #stayhungry #workhard

I think crazy work ethic is genetically encoded in my bones.  Reinforced by everything in North American culture from school to media to the entrepreneurial obsession with the word "hustle".

I've been guilty of wearing "busy" as a badge of honour.  I've made "productivity" my slave driver.  I've allowed my accomplishments determine my self-worth.

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