This is the Beginning of Everything

This is my 100th blog post!  

Which I discovered completely by accident when I was redesigning all of my previous blog titles for the Heartlines relaunch happening next week.

Not gonna lie, it feels...significant.  Like the 100th episode of your favourite TV show.  And naturally, it demands a little reflection, as do all our biz milestones, right? So I sat down & asked myself what my 2015 self would be surprised to learn from the journey.  Here's what I never realised when I started...

Entrepreneurship is a path to personal growth.

Honestly 2+ years ago I just wanted a way to earn some extra cash while I stayed home with my kids.  I wanted a way to replace the income I earned from teaching so I never had to go back to the classroom unless it was my choice.

I didn't know it would change me.

I had no idea how much it would ask of me.

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The Balance of Yes & No

It's hard not to find articles on the web that espouse the virtues of "saying yes" to more or learning how to graciously but firmly say "no" & actually avoid all the arm-twisting that follows.

It's essential to figure out your balance of yes & no if you want to keep your sanity in business AND life.

For me, it's all comes down to these 2 things.

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A Tale of 2 Descriptions - How to Write Compelling Descriptions for Your Products

Whatever you're selling whether it's a digital or a physical product the way you describe it goes a long way towards creating an emotional connection with your audience.

You've already learned how to design creative names for your products & services.  The next step is writing compelling descriptions to help them click to find out more or buy the item.

If you want to see the difference between a creative, personality-packed description that grabs your attention & helps your audience see themselves using the product vs. just a straight up "here's what you get" description I've got a few examples for you.

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The 2 Pages No One EVER Talks About

There's 1 thing that I remember from my years working at Canada's 3rd largest financial institution - CYOB.  Whenever it was up to me to make a judgement call on a transaction within my limit my manager would remind me to CYOB.

That's a lesson I've carried with me ever since.

In case you're not familiar with the acronym, CYOB stands for "cover your own butt".  It means do your due diligence & when you've done that, use your intuition.  At least that's what it always came down to for me.

But let's talk about covering your butt when you operate an online biz & the 2 pages you absolutely NEED to have that no one ever talks about.

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