The Balance of Yes & No

It's hard not to find articles on the web that espouse the virtues of "saying yes" to more or learning how to graciously but firmly say "no" & actually avoid all the arm-twisting that follows.

It's essential to figure out your balance of yes & no if you want to keep your sanity in business AND life.

For me, it's all comes down to these 2 things.

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A Tale of 2 Descriptions - How to Write Compelling Descriptions for Your Products

Whatever you're selling whether it's a digital or a physical product the way you describe it goes a long way towards creating an emotional connection with your audience.

You've already learned how to design creative names for your products & services.  The next step is writing compelling descriptions to help them click to find out more or buy the item.

If you want to see the difference between a creative, personality-packed description that grabs your attention & helps your audience see themselves using the product vs. just a straight up "here's what you get" description I've got a few examples for you.

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The 2 Pages No One EVER Talks About

There's 1 thing that I remember from my years working at Canada's 3rd largest financial institution - CYOB.  Whenever it was up to me to make a judgement call on a transaction within my limit my manager would remind me to CYOB.

That's a lesson I've carried with me ever since.

In case you're not familiar with the acronym, CYOB stands for "cover your own butt".  It means do your due diligence & when you've done that, use your intuition.  At least that's what it always came down to for me.

But let's talk about covering your butt when you operate an online biz & the 2 pages you absolutely NEED to have that no one ever talks about.

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Funnel Vision

You can't be in business online unless you have a way to start conversations with people.  After all, very few people immediately land on our sales pages & click "buy now" even though they've never heard of us before (no matter how much we wish they would).  Which is why it's great to give them a low-risk reason to engage with you so you can begin to have that conversation.

Enter the freebie.

There are so many different kinds of freebies you could give away.  Free designs, wallpapers, checklists, guides, ebooks, workbooks, challenges, quizzes, surveys, assessments, summits, mediations, audios, etc.

How many have YOU opted-in to?  Which were your favourite?  Which did you actually get the most value from?  Which do you think you'd be excited to offer your audience?

Each one has a different level of set-up required, some require launching & running live, like challenges & summits.  And each one has different advantages/ disadvantages & levels of engagement.

Only you know what will work best for your biz, your life & your audience.  Don't let anyone preach you into doing something that makes you feel super uncomfortable.

But I've been making freebie funnels quite a bit lately because I had this idea for starting a Free Gifts page on my website where I could add a couple of new items/ month and eventually we'd end up with a library of beautiful and useful things for you. :)

So, the topic of funnels came up with one of my mastermind groups.  I did an impromptu, unscripted tech tutorial.  And I walked them through the big picture of a funnel & how you turn it into a conversation.  That's what I want to share with all of you today.

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Creative Holding Pattern

I often feel this big pull between being an explorer & creative on one side & an entrepreneur on the other.

I want to honour the natural rhythms of creativity that ebb & flow like the tides sometimes bursting forth in huge waves of inspiration that I couldn’t hold back or slow down if I tried.  They lead me down interesting tangents & paths where I stumble upon my own private cave of wonders. And sometimes my creativity asks the most difficult thing of all - for me to slow down & be patient, to rest & trust that this time of hibernation in preparation for the next wave of inspiration & all the energy it will take to birth that.  Slowing down is hard, as I recently mentioned in another article.

But as much as I desperately want to honour this creative mad genius & the wild and whirling ride that sometimes accompanies it…I also feel the pull of being an entrepreneur.  A CEO, a business woman.  Who just happens to depend on her creativity for a living.  So I also have this need to be consistent & constantly produce for myself & my clients.  And sometimes these two sides seem inescapably at odds.

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Hell Yes Hooks & Headlines

hate formulas.  I'm not trying to build a cookie-cutter brand.  And neither are you.

I understand why we use formulas.  Especially when you're first starting out.  They're quick.  You don't have to know WHY it works.  Or HOW it works to apply it.  You can just slap it up there (like everybody else) and walk away.

I use formulas when I'm not interested enough in a topic to understand how it really works (think high school math class).  And I use formulas when I lack the confidence to be creative on my own.

Copywriting is FULL of formulas.

Especially headlines.  I have a swipe file full of hundreds of headline formulas - that I NEVER use.  Seriously, I downloaded it one day in a fit of insecurity that my headlines & hooks weren't performing well enough & I should CLEARLY be using the same formulas as everyone else on the planet!

Except I never did.

But don't worry I've got you covered.  I've put all my best tips & tricks into a FREE PDF so you can learn to write creative compelling headlines and hooks yourself.

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Soulful, Slow Business

I'm feeling the need to sloooooow down.  Funny, because winter is more than half way through but my body + soul have been whispering the last few weeks that it's time to hibernate.

Actually, the image that kept coming up for me was a cocoon.  It's time to slow way down & just cocoon for a while.

Which sounds blissful, doesn't it?

The only problem being that I seem to have created this go-go-go-full-steam-ahead lifestyle.  I've been crazy busy trying to "implement".  Trying to do all the things it takes to have/create/run a successful business.  Which has left me feeling less focused than ever, more stretched, spread too thin, trying to be everywhere at once - and guess what?  Mostly failing.  Mostly not getting any of the results that I crave.

But slowing down feels scary.

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