You've owned your biz long enough to have worked with plenty of clients (& you've got some hard-earned clarity around what an "ideal client" actually means).

You've discovered the sweet freedom of being your own boss (& also the tears, tech failures & trials of unlimited access to the fridge) & you wouldn't trade it for anything.

You've got money coming in & now you're ready to push for the next evolution of your brand.

No more patching things together.  You need a framework you can use to approach ALL your brand messaging.

I've got 2 options if You've been around the digital block.


brand essence package|   $947CAD

Define Your Brand Identity & Voice

The perfect package to get started.  This is all about creating words with impact.  Words that connect to the core of who you are, what you stand for & why anyone should stop scrolling & care about what you're creating.

It's your unique Brand Personality Mix+ psychological profile of your ideal client + the magical & oh so versatile Brand Essence Statement.  All in one package.




brand by heart|  $5996 CAD

Brand Identity + Website Copy Package

The original website package completely reimagined.  We'll define your Brand Identity.  AND include a complete freebie funnel.

Perfect for entrepreneurs rebranding or building for the first time who are confident about getting the copy off their plate & done by a pro.  This is all the words you need to set up a meaningful digital experience.

Kindred Copy VIP (1).png

Prefer to DIY?  I'm creating a course that will be 2 parts copywriting magic, 1 part mastering your Brand Voice, a generous dash of soulful inspiration & tied together with a creative & compassionate community.  You can learn more here.