You've owned your biz long enough to have worked with plenty of clients (& you've got some hard-earned clarity around what an "ideal client" actually means).

You've discovered the sweet freedom of being your own boss (the tears, tech failures & trials of unlimited access to the fridge) & you wouldn't trade it for anything.

You've got money coming in & now you're ready to push for the next evolution of your brand.

No more patching things together.  You need a framework you can use to approach ALL your brand messaging.

I've got 3 options if You've been around the digital block.

90 min copy cpr | $187 cad
(only 4 spaces available/ month)

Copywriting CPR

That one page, the one that took you 2 days to start.  The one that was torturous to write.  The one that sounds like you swallowed a corporate robot (SO not you).  You can't even look at that page without giving it side-eye.  And you sure as hell don't want to send anyone there.

If you're struggling with a page/headline/email that you just can't get right & want to jam with a pro to help brainstorm/ make suggestions/ edit the hell out of it - I've got a 90 min. Copy CPR to give your clarity, get your creativity fired up & give you words to work with.  Because evolution is an essential part of the creative process.


brand essence package|   $947CAD
(Save $300 from a la carte pricing)

Define Your Brand Identity & Voice

The perfect package to get started.  This is all about creating words with impact.  Words that connect to the core of who you are, what you stand for & why anyone should stop scrolling & care about what you're creating.

It's your unique Brand Personality Mix+ psychological profile of your ideal client + the magical & oh so versatile Brand Essence Statement.  All in one package.



Deeper than words
the copywriting course
$997 CAD

If you're craving clarity & a place to start.  If you're craving the confidence to OWN your voice.  And you want the creative control that comes with learning copywriting for yourself, then I have the perfect DIY solution for you.  Deeper Than Words is an archetype-based copywriting course for creative entrepreneurs ready to infuse their writing with soul & personality.  It has workbooks to help you craft all the major pages of your website.  And writing techniques you can apply anywhere.  Check out all the details, including when the next round will happen, right here or click the button below.



brand by heart|  $5097 CAD
(save $3690 from a la carte pricing)

Brand Identity + Website Copy Package

The original website package completely reimagined.  We'll define your Brand Identity.  AND include a complete freebie funnel.

Perfect for entrepreneurs rebranding or building for the first time who are confident about getting the copy off their plate & done by a pro.  This is all the words you need to set up a meaningful digital experience.


Join the VIP Client List (without ever having to be a client).  You'll receive exclusive, TOP SECRET offers to work with me not advertised anywhere else.  All at a fraction of the cost of my basic website package.  Every month you'll receive a new offer good for 30 days.