a courageous + fresh copywriting studio is the result of one creative's attempt to infuse every line with soul + personality.

Because I believe every brand deserves a voice.

And your Brand Voice is your greatest advantage.
It's your edge.
It's your chance to stand out by declaring what you stand for.
It's the power of your truth - unleashed.

In our distracted & overwhelmed world, the only way to cut through the noise...is to sound different than the competition.

Welcome to Heartlines Copywriting Studio a creative copywriting company helping women entrepreneurs with personal brands the world over get attention with words through brand storytelling & crafting a unique brand identity using archetypes.

Hi, I'm Jess! I believe every brand deserves a voice. When you can craft distinctive copy that's aligned with your values, your beliefs and your archetypes you can stand out from the masses - without shouting, selling out or sounding like an imposter.